Our Services

Security and Time and Attendance

Access management can be a challenging and expensive undertaking.  Over the past 10 years Blue Summit has developed a flexible and cost effiective access management solution that can be deployed quickly, managed remotely and cover all areas of need.  From handheld scanners to automated door locks and security cameras, the Blue Summit solutions will ensure your security needs are met.

The Blue Summit solutions include a full time & attendance system, allowing organizations to track time on site, hours worked, work completed along with other metrics from the same system.  No need to have employees or workers carry different cards or check in on different systems for access control, hours tracked or payroll.  With the Blue Summit solution you can grant and track access, manage employee and contractor hours and even generate checks from one system.

Strategic and Technical Consulting

Successful IT Systems Management requires two things; a solid and fool-proof plan to achieve specific critical strategic objectives, and effective and cost-effective implementation solutions.

We provide practical and effective IT solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Many firms have grown without a game plan and find their business growth limited due to an unwieldy and expensive IT solution. Our twenty-year experience in corporate IT management has taught us to understand and operate with the mindset of a long-term employee, keeping your company’s best interests at heart. We can help you build a strategic road map for your IT infrastructure and staff, giving you a reference to guide you through the process of building a system that will satisfy your IT needs for years to come.

Systems Architecture and Design

We have special expertise in renovating existing infrastructure to work more smoothly. Without a vision for IT, many systems grow without regard for future improvements, trading short-term gains for problematic long-term support. We will design and implement new infrastructure, either as a turn-key solution or in collaboration with your staff.

Support Services and Management

Our clients use us for both contract single provider support as well as ad-hoc assistance. We offer competitive rates for remote or onsite support, and can offer round-the-clock support with monthly contracts.

Training and Development

The trouble with wearing many hats at a small IT shop is that your team doesn’t have the luxury of evaluating options and choosing the best one. A key to our process is that we augment your staff onsite, and ensure that your human resources are properly allocated and trained to manage ongoing projects. We will work with your staff and show them the solutions we’ve put in place at other firms. We’ll show them how we would solve your IT needs and work with them to be sure they can support the results of your improvements. Successful projects don’t stop with program implementation.

Back-office Improvement

We have developed a process for reviewing and improving your Dynamics GP and CRM environments for better functionality and faster performance.